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Oh Baby it’s Cold

Often people who are moving into smaller accommodations have older furniture or appliances in great shape that they can sell to you (garage sales, private sale, etc.) Keep your ears open!  When my parents moved from a big house that they had raised us six children in, they sold their old 22 cubic foot deep freezer to a friend of mine for $20. This mom of four was thrilled to have a freezer to store summer produce and baking in, and buying meat on sale in larger quantities was now a possibility!

Do you have a large freezer that’s only partially used?

Trade some space in your freezer with a friend for some homemade bread twice a week, or some pears off her tree in the summer, or something else you value and she has lots of!  Get really creative and make an offer! You never know what you’ll be able to trade or barter for.


Website is up and running!

My new “Thrifty Tips for Families” website is up and running. Please come for a visit. Pre-order the book, submit a tip and once a month I’ll be giving away a free copy!

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Tip of the day – Cut Down Clothing

Sewing kit

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THRIFTY TIP: if you sew, take apart an adult’s winter coat and re-cut the material to make a smaller coat for a child.  This works well with mom’s summer dresses that can be “cut down” to shorts, skirts or t-shirts for the children. Cutting down adult clothing to make into children’s clothing is something that goes back as long as there has been clothing. Today, it is finding a resurgence as people look to history for money saving ideas.

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Welcome to Thrifty Tips blog

Welcome to my new blog for Thrifty Tips for Families. My new e-book by the same name will be available soon. In the meantime, every post on this blog will give you a tip to save money, make money or both!

Here’s the pre-amble to the new book:

Thrifty Tips for Families gives you dozens of tips to help you save money when it comes to food, clothing, home furnishings, household expenses, cooking and more! If you’ve been affected by the downturn in the economy, have suddenly become a stay at home parent, or are wanting to cut expenses so you can save some money for a home or a trip or other expense this book will help you achieve your goals. Thrifty Tips for Families gives you recipes for easy to make healthy foods, ideas for entertaining, suggestions for kids’ activities and gift giving.

Stay tuned for tips on a regular basis. Feel free to send me your tips too!

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