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4 indie e-booka on NY Times Bestseller l

4 indie e-booka on NY Times Bestseller list – VERY COOL!!!

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Great interview w Sophi from Super Green

Great interview w Sophi from Super Green Dot – check it out – New blog about working 4 urself

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Just published – my new FREE report ‘Bu

Just published – my new FREE report ‘Bundle of Business Expertise’

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Long wkend here in BC – to celebrate “T

Long wkend here in BC – to celebrate “Thrifty Tips” is HALF PRICE (only $4) – use cpn code RF59J until midnight Monday.

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Easy Storage Solution for Kids’ Toys

Looking for an easy storage solution for all those little toys your children have? Tired of stepping on cars, building blocks or crayons – here’s a solution!

For storage for small children, use ice cream buckets and put them under the bed.

To teach your child what things should go into each bucket take a photo of whatever goes into the bucket and glue it on the container lid.

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It’s here – “Thrifty Tips for Families

It’s here – “Thrifty Tips for Families” is now available! Buy it now and you get a FREE download of my e-book “52 Tips to Grow Your Business”.

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