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Can You REALLY Afford a Pet?

Pets do cost money!  You do not save money by having a pet, but they are a nice addition to the right family when you have the space and time to devote to them. They can provide much needed and appreciated companionship to children and adults alike.

Not sure you’re ready for a pet? OR the real question – You know YOU’RE not ready but your kids are begging for a dog? Here’s a simple experiment to see if your family is ready for a pet. We tried it and found out we weren’t quite ready for the dog my son had his heart set on.

We arranged with my parents who had an older Sheltie who was very gentle, to “borrow” their dog for 10 days. My son was responsible for walking him twice a day, feeding him, picking up his “deposits” in the yard and drying him off if he got wet in the rain. We made it clear and that if at the end of this ten day period my son felt ready for the responsibility of a dog we would get him one. We also made it clear what needed to be done each day to take care of the dog. It was great to have a dog around, he was friendly and easy to get a long with; though my two cats weren’t crazy about him – the bird we were also “babysitting” loved him!

After about six days of “dog sitting” and having just been reminded to feed the dog, my son come in and very solemnly looked me in the eye, and said “Mom, I don’t think we’re ready for a dog yet.” I said, “Oh, okay”, and that was the end of the conversation. When we returned the dog to my parents my son said, “I think we’ll wait a little longer before we get a dog of our own.”

By not continually saying NO to a dog, and allowing my son to see how much work they really were (and that if we got a puppy it would be more work) he made the decision. We weren’t the BAD GUYS saying no to a pet! So if you have a friend or relative with a gentle, happy dog who is safe around children you might want to give this idea a try.

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